Meet our MAD MEAT MEN and EAT their Farmers Market Feast using free range fowl from Da-Le Ranch. It will be a FEAST of epic proportions, with large portions made with SoCo Farmers’ Market ingredients. Anais+ six men, six courses, and six wine pairings all to be enjoyed by you.

Seating is limited to 34 people with tickets selling for:

  • $60 Community Table
  • $70 Chef Table
  • +Add $20 for Wine Pairing

  • RSVP

Get a peek into the beginnings of the MENU Subject to change on a creative whim ;)
  • Chef Jason Coulston-Little pots of Chicken Liver Pâté with Pickled Shallots, Pommery Mustard, and Griddled Toasts.
  • Dave Lieberman- Salade gasconne: mesclun, tomatoes, lardons (pork), gésiers confits (duck gizzards preserved in duck fat), croûtons, and potatoes fried in preserved duck fat; classic mustard vinaigrette.
  • Michael Harris-Hand-made, Roast Pheasant Ravioli, with Browned Butter and Sage.
  • David Kim -Roast duck in phyllo nest – roast duck/duck breast with wild mushroom, nestled in crispy phyllo nest.
  • Chef Carlos Salgado-Arroz con Pollo: Broken green farro served with a slow-cooked Guinea Hen, Meyer lemon with chickweed.
  • Chef Jason Quinn-To be announced
Meet our MAD MEAT MEN and EAT their Farmers Market Feast, prepared using pastured boar from Da-Le Ranch. It will be a FEAST of epic proportions, with large portions made with SoCo Farmers’ Market ingredients. Six men, six courses, and six wine pairings by Julie Lim of the OC Wine Mart, all to be enjoyed by you.
Get a peek into the beginnings of the MENU (Subject to change on a creative whim ;)

  • Julie Lim- Wine pairing
  • Michael Harris – Boar Scotch Egg with a Persimmon Chutney and Microgreen Salad with a Lime Vinaigrette
  • Dave Lieberman – Greens and Hocks
  • Jason Coulston – Confit Boar Belly and (INSERT BLUE CHEESE) Cheese Tart with Green Apple Salad
  • Carlos  Salgado- Green Posole (Soup) or Chile Verde (Main)
  • David Kim – Assortment of Dumplings (Starter) or floated shoulder braise in consomme (Soup), or Korean Dweji-Bulgogi (Main)
  • Anais Tangie – Persimmon pudding with a honey almond brittle topped with crispy bacon bits.
Seating is limited to 34 people with tickets selling for


Paleo Feast

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Anais + Tara Every Wednesday 6-8pm, Anais + Tara cook a Paleo Feast that will feature generous portions of Paleolithic fare. What’s Paleo? Lots of MEAT and vegetables. NO wheat, grains, or legumes, and NO processed foods. So everything is made from scratch, is gluten free, and has local farmers market ingredients from the SoCo Farmers’ Market. Including grass fed beef, free range chickens, and pastured pork from our local rancher Da-Le Ranch. We’ll be featuring a different menu every week based on what’s in season at the market, and we will be posting the menus here. Get ready to droll, cause this is what we’re serving up for our very last Paleo Feast:

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Choose Your Dining Option Below:

It’ll be our very last Paleo Feast, we hope to see you there!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Choose Your Dining Option Below:
Choose Your Dining Option Below:

Wednesday, October 24, EAT IN or TAKE OUT MENU:

  • Bangers and Mash: Da-Le Ranch “Bangers”, assorted sausages slow cooked in vegetable broth, onions, bay leaves, and pepper corn
  • Sweet Potato Mash- Roasted sweet potatoes mashed with a splash of orange, and a big pat of butter
  • Cabbage and Bacon: A salty bacon and savory cabbage saute finished with a splash of acid.
  • Roasted Beet: Beets quartered and drizzled with orange blossom honey, then roasted till carmelized and tender
  • Brussel Sprout Slaw- A light and crunchy brussel sprout salad that’s been blanched then tossed in a creamy cashew and lemon dressing
  • Paleo Chocolate Espresso Layer Cake

Community Table/Take Out: $30

Chefs Table: $40

Choose Your Dining Option Below:

Wednesday, October 10th- $40 EAT IN or TAKE OUT

  • Zucchini Alfredo- Zucchini ribbons tossed in a cashew nut cheese sauce with roasted garlic, and nutmeg, and a roasted medley of mushrooms.
  • Lemon thyme Chicken- Free range chicken marinaded in lemon and thyme and slowly braised in the oven with garlic and onions.
  • Seared Flank Steak- Grass fed beef seasoned a seared for a perfectly simplistic steak.
  • Caesar Salad- Certified organic romaine tossed in a homemade Caesar dressing
  • Butternut Squash Soup- Certified organic butternut squash roasted and pureed for a creamy, dairy free soup.
  • Peach Crisp- Certified organic peaches topped with a gluten free crisp.

Farmers’ Market Feast

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Every Sunday 6-8pm Anais+ opens the doors of Picnics Kitchen to create a culinary collective with guest Chefs, and cook a Farmer’s Market Feast for the Costa Mesa community. The Feast is prepared in an open kitchen using fresh produce from the SoCo and Newport Beach Farmer’s Markets.

Anais + a guest Chef create a seasonal collection of 5-6 dishes, blending Certified California grown, farmers’ market ingredients with free-range, grass-fed, pastured meats from a local, California Rancher. We serve our guests family style at a communal table, with platters of farm fresh foods. Each week the menu changes depending on the guest Chef and the seasonal produce at the market.

Sunday, October 28th 6-8

  • Mushroom Marsala Bruschetta- A medley of fresh picked mushrooms sauteed and simmered with Marsala wine, garlic, chives, and butter. Topped on freshly baked bread.
  • Butternut Squash Soup- Roasted butternut squash roasted until silky smooth, and blended with coconut milk, and topped with grated chestnut.
  • Tomato and fresh mozzarella salad tossed with olive oil and garnished with chiffonade of basil.
  • Lasagna- Fresh pasta layered with grass fed beef bolognese, homemade tomato sauce, and fresh ricotta.
  • Roasted Lemon thyme chicken- Free range chicken cut into pieces and marinated in lemon and thyme.
  • Fruit Tart- Flaky pie crust filled with custard and topped with seasonal farmers market fruit.
  • $30 Community Table- Includes all 5-6 courses, dessert, alkaline water from the Water Brewery and a refreshing beverage. Seating in the front of the house, at the Community Table.

  • $40 Chef Table Includes all 5-6 courses, dessert, alkaline water from the Water Brewery and a refreshing beverage. Seating in the kitchen, at the Chef Table.


Inspired by Corazon de Tierra in Baja Mexico

+Fresh baked rosemary bread, served with a Hoja de Zanahoria (carrot top) and garlic pesto
+Grass fed beef, homemade jerky soaked in a hot sauce and lime juice
+Baby herbs and greens tossed with heirloom tomatoes, a scatter of pomegranate, served with salty Mexican cheese and an arugula and basil pesto
+ Gnocchi with lemon zest
+Pastured Boar Gouloush with anchiote paste and nopales
+Roasted salted carrots
+ Bosc pear tart with almond meal crust


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EAT, that’s what I do, and what I love. And with every bite, I’m living the Farmers’ Market lifestyle. It means eating homemade, farm fresh, and nutritious+delicious. It is big bites of goodness that nourish your body and tickle your taste buds.

COOK Living the Farmers’ market lifestyle is easy, just start cooking! I’ll show you how with my Recipes of the Week, cooking demos, Tangie Tips and more. Visit the info booth and I’ll give you menu plans, tips, and recipes for the week, day, or special occasion.

Here are some sneak peeks into a few of my favorite tricks of the trade, you’ll be making nutritious+delicious in no time at all.

  1. Use quality ingredients- Farm fresh, local, your food will just taste better
  2. Get inspired- Follow us on Facebook, get our farmers market tips and recipes on Pintrest, and Recipes of the Week on our website. Even Chefs need inspiration!
  3. Cook food- Just get cooking! We’ll back you up. Have questions? Need ideas? Want recipes? Come to the info booth at the SoCo Farmers’ Market and the Newport Beach Farmers’ Market we will Teach you how to Veggie.

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Have you walked to the very end of the Newport Beach Farmers’ Market, and discovered the little booth, overflowing with gorgeous fruit? Bright yellow meyer lemons, tart & juicy, light yellow guava, wrinkle & sour, vibrant orange persimmons, plump & sweet, & stunning green bear limes…Sahu Subtropicals is a Certified Grower who lovely tends to their gorgeous, organic fruit. I can’t help but get inspired, just from walking by their little booth. Check out these pictures and recipes created with their farm fresh produce, and from Ha’s Apple Farms, and Nicholas Family Farms at the SoCo Farmers’ Market

These persimmons looked so plump, and vibrant…and tasted like a dream.

So I made a fruit salsa with Sahu Subtropicals persimmons, mixed with Ha’s Apple Farms’ Asian pears, & pomegranates.

This recipe was created during an intense sweet craving. I had some Angel Food Cake on one side of my kitchen, and the massive bowl of fruit on the other…first I think of color, texture, taste…strawberries+persimmons+almond butter+honey+whipped cream=divine dessert.

I absolutely love that this vibrant bowl of farm fresh fruit is always right at my reach. It makes nutritious+delicious snacking that much easier, as your eyes can’t look away from this gorgeous display. Nom nom nom…and no, I never, ever photo shop my pictures, or tweak them in any way. It’s all natural baby.

Sweet Carrot Pudding!

It all started with some innocent looking carrots, and an online recipe for carrot pudding. And then, before I knew it, I just couldn’t stop eating it! At first, I was intrigued…really? Carrots? I wasn’t sold. Then the questions began to form. How can I make it tastier? Easier? And how can I substitute using what I had in my cupboard, combined with as many Farmers’ Market ingredients as possible?

And so I began the quest to transform the lowly carrot into something sweet, sumptuous, and sought after. Here is what I came up with, my Sweet Carrot Pudding!

What, may you ask, is the right way to eat carrot pudding? How about in a fancy glass topped with mounds of whipped cream? Or maybe on top of some buttermilk pancakes? Or maybe you make it savory, and add it to the top of a Shepard’s pie, or wrap it in phyllo for a small, hand held pie, or as a pie filling…endless possibilities people, endless. Carrots never looked so fine :)

Roasted Veggie Lasagna

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I’m falling for Fall with this Roasted Veggie Lasagna… For the deep, complex flavors of roasted veggies, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, & fire roasted tomatoes. I’m just like everyone else, I crave rich, substansial meals that leave your belly full and happy. But I keep it light by making simple substitutions, so you have the same flavors, but it’s better for you.

That’s what this Roasted Veggie Lasagna is about. It’s rich, flavorful, and you’ll definitely have a smile on your face after you eat it. The only difference from a regular lasagna? It is it’s made with layers of roasted veggies instead of pasta. Try it, it’s amazing.

Tasty, Taste of Newport!

Sunday, September 18 at 1pm I’ll be making nutritious+delicious, & keeping it Tasty, at Taste Of Newport! I believe in supporting farmers & local business, in eating nourishing and flavorful food, and in cooking for the people you love. Make this menu, and you’ll be a star. So simple, & all Farmers’ Market, all the time.

That’s How We Roll!

If I could choose one of my recipes to represent my style of cooking, this would be it. That’s How We Roll is raw, farm fresh, and truly nutritious+delicious all rolled up into one, tasty bite. With under six ingredients this recipe has it all, the wow factor, the vibrant colors, and the flavor flav that will know your socks off.

Sweet Strawberry Lemonade!

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It was a hot summers night, and I was parched, looking for a refreshing beverage to cool me down. So, I glanced around my kitchen, and armed with all Farmers’ Market ingrediants, I began to create my new favorite beverage, Sweet Strawberry Lemonade! This special beverage truly captures the essence of summer, and drinking it out of a frosty Mason jar makes it that much sweeter.

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